JKL was incorporated into the State of Montana in August of 2002 and became fully operational in February of 2003. The founding officers of JKL are Jennifer Matson (President), Don Dodge (Chief Operating Officer), and Ken Berg (Executive Vice President). Together we have over 50 years of experience in utility construction. Our experience and knowledge enables us to professionally manage and construct projects to the ultimate satisfaction of the customer.Throughout the course of 2003 we completed projects for several clients including CenturyTel, Rye Telephone, South Park Telephone, Project Telephone, AT&T, and Qwest. Among these projects was a 50 mile Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) project for Rye Telephone. JKL performed all the mainline installation as well as the service entrances on this project, which connected 900 homes.

2004 saw JKL continuing with the Rye Telephone FTTH project, as well as a line extension contract with Rye. We were also successful on bid projects with Qwest Communications and CenturyTel. JKL also completed a vacated line extension contract with CenturyTel in Northern Colorado.

At the beginning of 2005 JKL was awarded the CenturyTel line extension contract for all of Colorado, NE Arizona, and NW New Mexico. Through out the remainder of the year we were awarded numerous bid projects for clients such as Central Montana Communications, Zoomy Communications, Blanca Telephone Company, Connect Telephone, Project Telephone, and 3 Rivers Communications.