Aerial Plant Construction
Placement of poles, anchors, strand and cable.

Buried Plant Construction

   Directional Boring: Placement of cable, pipe, or HDPE beneath roadways, waterways, and other obstacles by a controlled drilling process.
   Plowing: Cable, pipe or HDPE placement utilizing static and vibratory cat plowing.
   Trenching: Cable, pipe or HDPE placement utilizing backhoes, trenchers, or excavators.

Conduit & Manhole
Excavation and placement of multiple conduits and manholes to accommodate telephone, fiber optic, or power cables.

Copper & Fiber Optic Cable Placing
Placement of cable in existing conduit structures utilizing blowing or winching methods.

Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH)
Complete turnkey fiber to the home projects. Design, construction and turn-up.

Plant Maintenance
Performance of a combination of construction operations, usually performed on a unit price or time and equipment basis, to maintain a customer’s existing facilities.

Plant Relocations
Complete coordination of construction activities to relocate existing utility structures for highway projects, etc.

Project Management
Management of projects, including production, tracking, critical path scheduling and quality control inspection.

Rail Plowing
Placement of cable, pipe, or HDPE on railroad R.O.W. utilizing specialized on and off rail placing equipment.

Connecting either Fiber Optic or Copper cable.

Utility Construction
Installation of water, storm drain, or sewer lines and facilities.